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Locate Mixin


The LocateMixin class enables plugins to "locate" stock items (or stock locations) via an entirely custom method.

For example, a warehouse could be arranged with each individual 'parts bin' having an audio-visual indicator (e.g. RGB LED and buzzer). "Locating" a particular stock item causes the LED to flash and the buzzer to sound.

Another example might be a parts retrieval system, where "locating" a stock item causes the stock item to be "delivered" to the user via a conveyor.

The possibilities are endless!

Web Integration

Locate stock item from web interface Locate stock item from web interface

App Integration

If a locate plugin is installed and activated, the InvenTree mobile app displays a button for locating a StockItem or StockLocation (see below):

Locate stock item from app Locate stock item from app


Refer to the InvenTree source code for a simple implementation example.