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Settings Mixin


The SettingsMixin allows the plugin to save and load persistent settings to the database.

  • Plugin settings are stored against the individual plugin, and thus do not have to be unique
  • Plugin settings are stored using a "key:value" pair

Use the class constant SETTINGS for a dict of settings that should be added as global database settings.

The dict must be formatted similar to the following sample that shows how to use validator choices and default.

Take a look at the settings defined in InvenTree.common.models.InvenTreeSetting for all possible parameters.


Below is a simple example of how a plugin can implement settings:

class PluginWithSettings(SettingsMixin, InvenTreePlugin):

    NAME = "PluginWithSettings"

    SETTINGS = {
        'API_ENABLE': {
            'name': 'API Functionality',
            'description': 'Enable remote API queries',
            'validator': bool,
            'default': True,
        'API_KEY': {
            'name': 'API Key',
            'description': 'Security key for accessing remote API',
            'default': '',
        'API_URL': {
            'name': _('API URL'),
            'description': _('Base URL for remote server'),
            'default': 'http://remote.url/api',
        'CONNECTION': {
            'name': _('Printer Interface'),
            'description': _('Select local or network printer'),
            'choices': [('local','Local printer e.g. USB'),('network','Network printer with IP address')],
            'default': 'local',
        'NUMBER': {
            'name': _('A Name'),
            'description': _('Descripe me here'),
            'default': 6,
            'validator': [
        'HIDDEN_SETTING': {
            'name': _('Hidden Setting'),
            'description': _('This setting is hidden from the automatically generated plugin settings page'),
            'hidden': True,

More Info

For more information on any of the methods described below, refer to the InvenTree source code.

Hidden Settings

Plugin settings can be hidden from the settings page by marking them as 'hidden'

This mixin defines the helper functions plugin.get_setting and plugin.set_setting to access all plugin specific settings:

api_url = self.get_setting('API_URL', cache = False)
self.set_setting('API_URL', 'some value')
get_setting has an additional parameter which lets control if the value is taken directly from the database or from the cache. If it is left away False is the default that means the value is taken directly from the database.