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Part Test Templates

Parts which are designated as trackable (meaning they can be uniquely serialized) can define templates for tests which are to be performed against individual stock items corresponding to the part.

A test template defines the parameters of the test; the individual stock items can then have associated test results which correspond to a test template.

Test templates "cascade" down to variant parts: this means that if a master part has multiple variants, any test template defined for the master part will be assigned to the variants. Any stock items of the variant parts will have the same test templates associated with them.

Part Test Templates Part Test Templates

Test Template Parameters

Test Name

The name of the test is a simple string value which defines the name of the test. This test must be unique for a given part (or across a set of part variants).

The test name is used to generate a test "key" which is then used to match against test results associated with individual stock items.

Test Description

This field is a simple description for providing information back to the user. The description is not used by the InvenTree testing framework.


If the required flag is set, this indicates that the test is crucial for the acceptance of a particular stock item.

Requires Value

If this flag is set, then a corresponding test result against a stock item must set the value parameter.

Requires Attachment

If this flag is set, then a corresponding test result against a stock item must provide a file attachment uploaded.

Test Results

Individual stock item objects can have test results associated with them which correspond to test templates. Refer to the stock test result documentation for further information.