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Advanced Topics

Version Information

Starting with version 0.12 (and later), InvenTree includes more version information.

To view this information, navigate to the "About" page in the top menu bar and select "copy version information" on the bottom corner.

Contained Information

The version information contains the following information extracted form the instance:

Name Always Sample Source
InvenTree-Version Yes 0.12.0 dev instance
Django Version Yes 3.2.19 instance
Commit Hash No aebff26 environment: INVENTREE_COMMIT_HASH, git
Commit Date No 2023-06-10 environment: INVENTREE_COMMIT_DATE, git
Commit Branch No master environment: INVENTREE_PKG_BRANCH, git
Database Yes postgresql environment: INVENTREE_DB_*, config: database - see config
Debug-Mode Yes False environment: INVENTREE_DEBUG, config: config - see config
Deployed using Docker Yes True environment: INVENTREE_DOCKER
Platform Yes Linux-5.15.0-67-generic-x86_64 instance
Installer Yes PKG environment: INVENTREE_PKG_INSTALLER, instance
Target No ubuntu:20.04 environment: INVENTREE_PKG_TARGET
Active plugins Yes [{'name': 'InvenTreeBarcode', 'slug': 'inventreebarcode', 'version': '2.0.0'}] instance

Installer codes

The installer code is used to identify the way InvenTree was installed. If you vendor InvenTree, you can and should set the installer code to your own value to make sure debugging goes smoothly.

Code Description Official
PKG Installed using a package manager Yes
GIT Installed using git Yes
DOC Installed using docker Yes