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Currency Support

Currency Support

InvenTree provides support for multiple currencies, allowing pricing information to be stored with base currency rates.


To specify which currencies are supported, refer to the currency configuration section

Currency Conversion

Currency conversion is provided via the django-money library. Pricing data can be converted seamlessly between the available currencies.

Currency Rate Updates

Currency conversion rates are periodically updated, via an external currency exchange server. Out of the box, InvenTree uses the service, which is an open source currency API made freely available.

Custom Rate Updates

If a different currency exchange backend is needed, or a custom implementation is desired, the currency exchange framework can be extended via plugins. Plugins which implement custom currency exchange frameworks can be easily integrated into the InvenTree framework.

Currency Settings

In the settings screen, under the Pricing section, the following currency settings are available:

Currency Exchange Settings Currency Exchange Settings

Last update: December 15, 2023