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Navigation Mixin

Use the class constant NAVIGATION for a array of links that should be added to InvenTrees navigation header. The array must contain at least one dict that at least define a name and a link for each element. The link must be formatted for a URL pattern name lookup - links to external sites are not possible directly. The optional icon must be a class reference to an icon (InvenTree ships with fontawesome 4 by default).

class MyNavigationPlugin(NavigationMixin, InvenTreePlugin):

    NAME = "NavigationPlugin"

        {'name': 'SampleIntegration', 'link': 'plugin:sample:hi', 'icon': 'fas fa-box'},

    NAVIGATION_TAB_NAME = "Sample Nav"
    NAVIGATION_TAB_ICON = 'fas fa-plus'

The optional class constants NAVIGATION_TAB_NAME and NAVIGATION_TAB_ICON can be used to change the name and icon for the parent navigation node.