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The InvenTree installer automates the installation procedure for a production InvenTree server.

Supported OSs are Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Quick Script

wget -qO && bash

This script does all manual steps without any input. The installation might take up to 5-10 minutes to finish.

File Locations

The installer creates the following directories:

Directory Description
/etc/inventree/ Configuration files
/opt/inventree/ InvenTree application files
/opt/inventree/data/ Inventree data files

Performed steps

The installer script performs the following functions:

  • Checks if the current OS is supported
  • Installs packages needed for getting the packages keys
  • Executes the manual steps listed below

Script Options

The install script supports pulling packages from different branches and publishers. Defaults are to use branch stable and publisher inventree.

For example to install the master (latest) InvenTree code:

install master inventree

To install from branch master and publisher matmair the install command would be.

install master matmair

Furthermore there are several command flags for advanced usage: --help to show all options --version to print the version of the install script --dry-run to print but not execute the commands that would change system files

Manual Install

The steps below are for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the current instructions for Ubuntu and Debian can be found here.

Add the key needed for validating the packages.

wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -

Add the package list to the package manager source list.

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/inventree.list

Update the local package index.

sudo apt-get update

Install the InvenTree package itself. This step might take multiple minutes.

sudo apt-get install inventree


Debug Outputs

Extra debug messages are printed if the environment variable SETUP_DEBUG is set. This exposes passwords.

External Calls

By default, a public AWS service is used to resolve the public IP address of the server. To prevent this the environment variable SETUP_NO_CALLS must be set to true.

Admin User

By default, an admin user is automatically generated with username admin, mail and a dynamic password that is saved to /etc/inventree/admin_password. These values can be customised with the environment variables INVENTREE_ADMIN_USER, INVENTREE_ADMIN_EMAIL and INVENTREE_ADMIN_PASSWORD. To stop the automatic generation of an admin user, generate an empty file needs to be placed at /etc/inventree/admin_password.


By default, InvenTree is served internally on port 6000 and then proxied via Nginx. The config is placed in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/inventree.conf and overwritten on each update. The location can be set with the environment variable SETUP_NGINX_FILE. This only serves an HTTP version of InvenTree, to use HTTPS (recommended for production) or customise any further an additional config file should be used.

Extra python packages

Extra python packages can be installed by setting the environment variable SETUP_EXTRA_PIP.

Database Options

The used database backend can be configured with environment variables (before the first setup) or in the config file after the installation. Check the configuration section for more information.

Moving Data

To change the data storage location, link the new location to /opt/inventree/data. A rough outline of steps to achieve this could be: - shut down the app service(s) inventree and webserver nginx - copy data to the new location - check everything was transferred successfully - delete the old location - create a symlink from the old location to the new one - start up the services again

Updating InvenTree

To update InvenTree run apt install --only-upgrade inventree - this might need to be run as a sudo user.

Controlling InvenTree


InvenTree installs multiple services that can be controlled with your local system runner (service or systemctl). The service inventree controls everything, inventree-web the (internal) webserver and inventree-worker the background worker(s).

More instances of the worker can be instantiated from the command line. This is only meant for advanced users. This sample script launches 3 services. By default, 1 is launched.

inventree scale worker=3

Environment Variables

The CLI can be used to permanently modify the environment variables used while executing the app server or workers.

To set variables use

inventree config:set ENV_VAR=123

To read out all variables use

inventree config

Keep things repeatable

All CLI settings are lost when the package is uninstalled. Use the config file where possible as it is kept on uninstall and can easily be synced across instances. Environment variables are a good place for passwords (but not the secret_key).


Many InvenTree administration operations run using the invoke tool. When installed via the package installer, these commands can be called as follows:

inventree run invoke <command>

For example, to print InvenTree version information:

inventree run invoke version


The packages are provided by They are built each time updates are pushed to GitHub and released about 10 minutes later. The local package index must be updated to see the new release in the package manager.

The package sets up services that run the needed processes as the unprivileged user inventree. This keeps the privileges of InvenTree as low as possible.

A CLI is provided to interface with low-level management functions like variable management, log access, commands, process scaling, etc.