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Return Orders

Return Orders

Return Orders allow stock items (which have been sold or allocated to a customer) to be to be returned into stock, typically for the purpose of repair or refund.

An Order By Any Other Name

A Return Order may also be known as an RMA

Enable Return Order Functionality

By default, Return Order functionality is not enabled - it must be enabled by a staff user from the settings page:

Enable Return Orders Enable Return Orders

Once this setting is enabled, you can access the "Return Orders" page from the main navigation bar:

Access Return Orders Access Return Orders

Return Order Permissions

Permissions for Return Orders are managed via the return_order permission group. Users are assigned appropriate permissions based on the groups they are part of.

View Return Orders

A list of Return Orders is displayed on the Return Order index page:

Return Order Index Return Order Index

Various filters are available to configure which orders are displayed, and how they are arranged.

Return Order Status Codes

Each Return Order has a specific status code, as follows:

Status Description
Pending The return order has been created, but not sent to the customer
In Progress The return order has been issued to the customer
Complete The return order was marked as complete, and is now closed
Cancelled The return order was cancelled, and is now closed

Create a Return Order

From the Return Order index, click on New Return Order which opens the "Create Return Order" form.

A Return Order is linked to a specific customer, which can be selected from the list of existing customers

Customers Only

Only companies with the "Customer" attribute enabled will be shown and can be selected

Return Order Create Return Order Create

Fill in the rest of the form with the return order information, and then click on Submit to create the order.

Return Order Reference

Each Return Order is uniquely identified by its Reference field. Read more about reference fields.

Responsible Owner

The order can be assigned to a responsible owner, which is either a user or group.

Return Order Detail

Individual Return Orders can be viewed via the Return Order detail page:

Return Order Detail Return Order Detail

Here the details of the return order are available, and specific actions can be performed:

Edit Return Order

The Return Order can be edit by selecting the icon under the actions menu.

Line Items

Return Order line items can be added while the status of the order is In Progress. Any stock item which is currently sold or assigned to the particular customer can be selected for return.

Serialized Stock Only

Only stock items which are serialized can be selected for return from the customer

Extra Line Items

While line items must reference a particular stock item, extra line items are available for any other itemized information that needs to be conveyed with the order.

Return Order Reports

Custom reports can be generated against each Return Order.

Calendar view

Using the button to the top right of the list of Return Orders, the view can be switched to a calendar view using the button . This view shows orders with a defined target date only.

This view can be accessed externally as an ICS calendar using a URL like the following:

by default, completed orders are not exported. These can be included by appending ?include_completed=True to the URL.