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InvenTree Demo

A working demo of InvenTree is available online at:

Login Details

Multiple default accounts are provided, as detailed below. Each account is afforded a different set of permissions, so users can see the InvenTree roles/permission system in action

Username Password Description
allaccess nolimits View / create / edit all pages and items
reader readonly Can view all pages but cannot create, edit or delete database records
engineer partsonly Can manage parts, view stock, but no access to purchase orders or sales orders
admin inventree Superuser account, access all areas plus administrator actions

Data Persistence

The InvenTree demo database resets to a known state once per day.

  • Database records are reset to the latest state of the demo dataset
  • InvenTree software is kept up to date with the latest inventree:master available via docker

Server Down

During the update period, the demo server may be inaccessible for a few minutes.

Demo Dataset

The dataset used for the demo instance is available on GitHub.

This dataset can be used to populate an empty database for demonstration purposes, to test and evaluate various InvenTree features.

It may also be useful to developers who need a dataset for developing and/or testing new InvenTree features.

Empty Database

Loading demo data will cause errors if the database is not empty. Run invoke delete-data prior to importing the demo dataset if there are records existing in the database!

Follow these instructions to setup an InvenTree instance with the demo data:

Download Dataset

Download the demo dataset, e.g. using git:

git clone ~/inventree-data

Data Directory

For the purpose of these instructions it is assumed that the demo data repository has been cloned to ~/inventree-data.

Initialize Database

You will need to configure an empty database before importing the data fixtures.

Follow the installation instructions to initialize a database using your backend of choice.

Configure InvenTree Settings

You will need to adjust your InvenTree settings (either via environment variables or in the config.yaml file) as follows:

Media Files

Ensure that INVENTREE_MEDIA_ROOT points to the media files at ~/inventree-data/media

Run Migrations

You will need to ensure that the database migrations are performed before importing records

invoke migrate

Import Data

Now that you have an empty database (which has had the schema migrations applied) you can import the demo dataset:

invoke import-records -f ~/inventree-data/inventree_data.json


Contributions to the demo dataset are encouraged! A richer dataset provides a better demo experience and helps to showcase the various features available in InvenTree.

To contribute back to the InvenTree demo dataset:

Import Data

Follow the directions above to create an InvenTree instance using the latest demo dataset

Git Branch

Create a git branch for the demo-dataset repository

Edit Data

Create / edit / update the InvenTree database and media files as required

Export Data

Export the updated data, overwriting the original data file:

invoke export-records -f ~/inventree-data/inventree_data.json

Create Pull Request

Create a pull request on the demo-dataset repository with the changes you have made.

Last update: December 17, 2021