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Panel Mixin


The PanelMixin enables plugins to render custom content to "panels" on individual pages in the web interface.

Most pages in the web interface support multiple panels, which are selected via the sidebar menu on the left side of the screen:

Display panels Display panels

Each plugin which implements this mixin can return zero or more custom panels for a particular page. The plugin can decide (at runtime) which panels it wishes to render. This determination can be made based on the page routing, the item being viewed, the particular user, or other considerations.

Panel Content

Panel content can be rendered by returning HTML directly, or by rendering from a template file.


Custom code can be provided which will run when the particular panel is first loaded (by selecting it from the side menu).

Example Implementation

Refer to the CustomPanelSample example class in the ./plugin/samples/integration/ directory, for a fully worked example of how custom UI panels can be implemented.

Last update: May 7, 2022