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Frequently Asked Questions

Errors during InvenTree update

Sometimes, users may encounter unexpected error messages when updating their InvenTree installation to a newer version.

The most common problem here is that the correct sequenct of steps has not been followed:

  1. Ensure that the InvenTree web server and background worker processes are halted
  2. Update the InvenTree software (e.g. using git or docker, depending on installation method)
  3. Run the invoke update command
  4. Restart the web server and background worker processes

For more information, refer to the installation guides:

Invoke Update

You must ensure that the invoke update command is perfomed every time you update InvenTree

Feature x is not visible after update

If a particular menu / item is not visible after updating InvenTree, it may be due to your internet browser caching old versions of CSS and JavaScript files.

Before raising an issue, try hard-refreshing the browser cache:

Ctrl + Shift + R


Ctrl + F5

Problems Installing on Windows

InvenTree installation is not officially supported natively on Windows. Install using the WSL framework.

Command 'inv' / 'invoke' not found

If the inv or invoke command does not work, it means that the invoke python library has not been correctly installed.

Update the installed python packages with PIP:

pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'django'

Most likely you are trying to run the InvenTree server from outside the context of the virtual environment where the required python libraries are installed.

Always activate the virtual environment before running server commands!

Background Worker "Not Running"

The background worker process must be started separately to the web-server application.

From the top-level source directory, run the following command from a separate terminal, while the server is already running:

invoke worker


A better option is to manage the background worker process using a process manager such as supervisor. Refer to the production server guide.

Last update: July 11, 2022