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Part Parameters

Part parameters are located in the "Parameters" tab, on each part detail page. There is no limit for the number of part parameters and they are fully customizable through the use of parameters templates.

Here is an example of parameters for a capacitor:

Part Parameters Example List Part Parameters Example List

Create Template

A Parameter Template is required for each part parameter.

To create a template:

  • navigate to the "Settings" page
  • click on the "Parts" tab
  • scroll down to the "Part Parameter Templates" section
  • click on the "New Parameter" button
  • fill out the Create Part Parameter Template form: Name (required) and Units (optional) fields
  • finally click on the "Submit" button.

Create Parameter

After creating a template or using the existing templates, you can add parameters to any part.

To add a parameter, navigate to a specific part detail page, click on the "Parameters" tab then click on the "New Parameters" button, the Create Part Parameter form will be displayed:

Create Part Parameter Form Create Part Parameter Form

Select the parameter Template you would like to use for this parameter, fill-out the Data field (value of this specific parameter) and click the "Submit" button.

Parametric Tables

Parametric tables gather all parameters from all parts inside a category to be sorted and filtered.

To access a category's parametric table, click on the "Parameters" tab within the category view:

Parametric Table Tab Parametric Table Tab

Below is an example of capacitor parametric table filtered with Package Type = 0402:

Parametric Table Example Parametric Table Example

Last update: October 12, 2021