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InvenTree provides multi-currency pricing support via the django-money library.


Cost - The theoretical amount of money required to pay for something.
Price - The actual amount of money paid.

Pricing points

Price Description Linked to
Supplier Cost How much it costs to theoretically purchase a part from a given supplier Supplier
Purchase Price Historical pricing information for parts purchased Stock Item
Internal Cost How much a part costs to make Part
BOM Cost Total cost for an assembly (total cost of component items) Part
Sale Cost How much a salable item is sold for (with cost-breaks) Part
Sale Price How much an item was sold for Sales Order

Pricing Tab

The pricing tab of a part provides all available pricing information for that part. It shows all price ranges and provides tools to calculate them.

Price ranges

A price range describes the unit price for a part at different buying / selling quantities (one par is called price point following). Many suppliers sell their parts with different price points depending on packaging and quantities. That can be replicated in InvenTree with price ranges.

The simplest price range just contains one price point - this will be created when a part gets assigned a price in a form.

Adjust the wanted amount!

As parts can have price ranges it is important to set the correct amount in the first panel to get an accurate price.

Currency in the graphs and tables

All money-values are adjusted to the default currency at the current exchange rates (see currency conversion for more information). This can distort historical data but is necessary to easily compare values.

Supplier cost / prices

Shows how much it would cost to purchase the part right now from a supplier/manufacturer (can have price ranges).
Also provides a graph of historical prices collected from stock in the tab Purchase Price.

Internal cost / prices

Parts can optionally have a internal cost (this needs to be enabled by a admin) that is used for internal sales. This value is used for BOM calculations (if the part is an assembly the internal cost must contain the cost for all sub-parts). Price ranges are supported.

BOM cost

If a part is an assembly this panel will show the cost (possibly as range) for all sub-parts and a graph how much each part contributes to the total cost.

Sale cost / prices

Sale prices are always to customers (through sale orders) and support price ranges.

The panel also shows historical sale price information collected from past purchase orders.

Currency conversion

Automatic updating of currency conversion rates can be provided via the API.

Currency exchange rates are updated once per day.

Last update: May 25, 2022