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Build Order

Build Order Report

Custom build order reports may be generated against any given Build Order. For example, build order reports can be used to generate work orders.

Build Filters


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Context Variables

In addition to the default report context variables, the following context variables are made available to the build order report template for rendering:

Variable Description
build The Build object the report is being generated against
part The Part object that the build references
reference The build order reference string. This is just the string that follows BO...
title The full name of the build including the BO
quantity Build order quantity
build.title The description of the build
build.status The status of the build. 20 means 'Production'
build.bom_items A query set with all bom items for the build

bom_items that can be looped. Each bom_item line has further context variables.

Variable Description
line.reference The reference designator of the component
line.sub_part The part at this position
line.quantity The number of components
line.sub_part.build_order_allocations ...

A very simple example wihtout any html formatting:

reference: {{reference }} 
quantity: {{ quantity }} 
title: {{ title }} 
part: {{ part }} 
build: {{ build }} 
build.reference: {{ build.reference }} 
build.title: {{ build.title }} 
build.status: {{ build.status }} 
{% for line in build.bom_items %}
reference:: {{ line.reference }} 
quantity:: {{ line.quantity }} 
sub_part: {{ line.sub_part }} 
sub_part.IPN: {{ line.sub_part.IPN }} 
<br> {{ }} 
sub_part.build_order_allocations: {{ line.sub_part.build_order_allocations }} 
{% endfor %}

This will result in:

reference: 0001
quantity: 10
title: BO0001
part: POP-000001-001 | Converter - A to B
build: BO0001

build.reference: 0001
build.title: Description of the build
build.status: 20
reference:: U002
quantity:: 1.00000
sub_part: ANA-000001-001 | op701 - operation amplifier
sub_part.IPN: ANA-000001-001 op701
sub_part.build_order_allocations: <QuerySet [<BuildItem: BuildItem object (9)>]>
reference:: U001
quantity:: 2.00000
sub_part: ANA-000002-001 | L7805 - LDO
sub_part.IPN: ANA-000002-001 L7805
sub_part.build_order_allocations: <QuerySet [<BuildItem: BuildItem object (5)>]>

Last update: April 20, 2022