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InvenTree App

The InvenTree Mobile App brings stock control to your pocket. Integrating seamlessly with the InvenTree API, the app provides immediate access to inventory data without requiring physical access to a computer.

Native barcode support provides a multitude of context-sensitive stock control actions, allowing streamlined inventory management at your fingertips. The app has been optimized for speed, providing instant access to stock knowledge and handy on-site functionality.


  • View and edit part and stock information with a blazingly fast interface
  • Perform stock control actions on the go
  • Barcode integrations simply stock operations
  • Receive purchase orders and check in stock items
  • And many more!


The InvenTree app can be downloaded from either the Android or Apple app stores, or accessed via the links below:


Android Play Store.


Apple App Store

Last update: October 12, 2021