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Schedule Mixin


The ScheduleMixin class provides a plugin with the ability to call functions at regular intervals.

  • Functions are registered with the InvenTree worker which runs as a background process.
  • Scheduled functions do not accept any arguments
  • Plugin member functions can be called
  • Global functions can be specified using dotted notation


An example of a plugin which supports scheduled tasks:

class ScheduledTaskPlugin(ScheduleMixin, SettingsMixin, InvenTreePlugin):
    Sample plugin which runs a scheduled task, and provides user configuration.

    NAME = "Scheduled Tasks"
    SLUG = 'schedule'

        'global': {
            'func': 'some_module.function',
            'schedule': 'H',  # Run every hour
        'member': {
            'func': 'foo',
            'schedule': 'I',  # Minutes
            'minutes': 15,

    SETTINGS = {
        'SECRET': {
            'name': 'A secret',
            'description': 'User configurable value',        

    def foo(self):
        This function runs every 15 minutes
        secret_value = self.get_setting('SECRET')
        print(f"foo - SECRET = {secret_value})

Last update: May 25, 2022