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Context Variables

Context Variables


Specific Report Context

Specific report types may have additional context variables, see below.

Each report has access to a number of context variables by default. The following context variables are provided to every report template:

Variable Description
date Current date, represented as a Python object
datetime Current datetime, represented as a Python datetime object
default_page_size InvenTree default page size variable
report_name Name of the report template
report_description Description of the report template
report_revision Revision of the report template
request Django request object
user User who made the request to render the template

Build Order

In addition to the default report context variables, the following context variables are made available to the build order report template for rendering:

Variable Description
build The Build object the report is being generated against
part The Part object that the build references
reference The build order reference string
quantity Build order quantity
Variable Description
part The Part to be built (from component BOM items)
reference Build order reference (required, must be unique)
title Brief title describing the build (required)
quantity Number of units to be built
parent Reference to a Build object for which this Build is required
sales_order References to a Sales Order object for which this Build is required (e.g. the output of this build will be used to fulfil a sales order)
take_from StockLocation to take stock from to make this build (if blank, can take from anywhere)
status Build status code
batch Batch code transferred to build parts (optional)
creation_date Date the build was created (auto)
target_date Date the build will be overdue
completion_date Date the build was completed (or, if incomplete, the expected date of completion)
link External URL for extra information
notes Text notes
completed_by User that completed the build
issued_by User that issued the build
responsible User (or group) responsible for completing the build


Certain types of labels have different context variables then other labels.

Stock Item Label

The following variables are made available to the StockItem label template:

Variable Description
item The StockItem object itself
part The Part object which is referenced by the StockItem object
name The name field of the associated Part object
ipn The IPN field of the associated Part object
revision The revision field of the associated Part object
quantity The quantity field of the StockItem object
serial The serial field of the StockItem object
uid The uid field of the StockItem object
tests Dict object of TestResult data associated with the StockItem
parameters Dict object containing the parameters associated with the base Part
Stock Location Label

The following variables are made available to the StockLocation label template:

Variable Description
location The StockLocation object itself



This section requires further work


Each part object has access to a lot of context variables about the part. The following context variables are provided when accessing a Part object:

Variable Description
name Brief name for this part
full_name Full name for this part (including IPN, if not null and including variant, if not null)
variant Optional variant number for this part - Must be unique for the part name
category The PartCategory object to which this part belongs
description Longer form description of the part
keywords Optional keywords for improving part search results
IPN Internal part number (optional)
revision Part revision
is_template If True, this part is a 'template' part
link Link to an external page with more information about this part (e.g. internal Wiki)
image Image of this part
default_location The default StockLocation object where the item is normally stored (may be null)
default_supplier The default SupplierPart which should be used to procure and stock this part
default_expiry The default expiry duration for any StockItem instances of this part
minimum_stock Minimum preferred quantity to keep in stock
units Units of measure for this part (default='pcs')
salable Can this part be sold to customers?
assembly Can this part be build from other parts?
component Can this part be used to make other parts?
purchaseable Can this part be purchased from suppliers?
trackable Trackable parts can have unique serial numbers assigned, etc, etc
active Is this part active? Parts are deactivated instead of being deleted
virtual Is this part "virtual"? e.g. a software product or similar
notes Additional notes field for this part
creation_date Date that this part was added to the database
creation_user User who added this part to the database
responsible User who is responsible for this part (optional)
starred Wether the part is starred or not
disabled Wether the part is disabled or not
total_stock The total amount in stock
quantity_being_built The amount being built
required_build_order_quantity The amount required for build orders
allocated_build_order_quantity The amount allocated for build orders
required_sales_order_quantity The amount required for sales orders
allocated_sales_order_quantity The amount allocated for sales orders
available Wether the part is available or not
on_order The amount that are on order
required The total amount required for build orders and sales orders
allocated The total amount allocated for build orders and sales orders

Part Category

Variable Description
name Name of this category
parent Parent category
default_location Default StockLocation object for parts in this category or child categories
default_keywords Default keywords for parts created in this category



This section requires further work


Variable Description
parent Link to another StockItem from which this StockItem was created
uid Field containing a unique-id which is mapped to a third-party identifier (e.g. a barcode)
part Link to the master abstract Part that this StockItem is an instance of
supplier_part Link to a specific SupplierPart (optional)
location The StockLocation Where this StockItem is located
quantity Number of stocked units
batch Batch number for this StockItem
serial Unique serial number for this StockItem
link Optional URL to link to external resource
updated Date that this stock item was last updated (auto)
expiry_date Expiry date of the StockItem (optional)
stocktake_date Date of last stocktake for this item
stocktake_user User that performed the most recent stocktake
review_needed Flag if StockItem needs review
delete_on_deplete If True, StockItem will be deleted when the stock level gets to zero
status Status of this StockItem (ref: InvenTree.status_codes.StockStatus)
notes Extra notes field
build Link to a Build (if this stock item was created from a build)
is_building Boolean field indicating if this stock item is currently being built (or is "in production")
purchase_order Link to a PurchaseOrder (if this stock item was created from a PurchaseOrder)
infinite If True this StockItem can never be exhausted
sales_order Link to a SalesOrder object (if the StockItem has been assigned to a SalesOrder)
purchase_price The unit purchase price for this StockItem - this is the unit price at time of purchase (if this item was purchased from an external supplier)
packaging Description of how the StockItem is packaged (e.g. "reel", "loose", "tape" etc)


Variable Description
barcode Brief payload data (e.g. for labels)
item_count Simply returns the number of stock items in this location.



This section requires further work


Variable Description


Variable Description
part Link to the master Part (Obsolete)
source_item The sourcing StockItem linked to this SupplierPart instance
supplier Supplier that supplies this part
SKU Stock keeping unit (supplier part number)
link Link to external website for this supplier part
description Descriptive notes field
note Longer form note field
base_cost Base charge added to order independent of quantity e.g. "Reeling Fee"
multiple Multiple that the part is provided in
lead_time Supplier lead time
packaging packaging that the part is supplied in, e.g. "Reel"
pretty_name The IPN, supplier name, supplier SKU and (if not null) manufacturer string joined by |. Ex. P00037 | Company | 000021
unit_pricing The price for one unit.
price_breaks Return the associated price breaks in the correct order
has_price_breaks Wether this SupplierPart has price breaks
manufacturer_string Format a MPN string for this SupplierPart. Concatenates manufacture name and part number.



This section requires further work


Variable Description


Variable Description



This section requires further work


Variable Description
description The order description
lines The lines in the Purchase Order
order The order object itself
reference The reference number
supplier The supplier for this Purchase Order
prefix Purchase Order reference prefix
title The title of the order



This section requires further work

Variable Description
customer An object with information about the customer
description The order description
lines The lines in the Sales Order
order The order object itself
prefix Purchase Order reference prefix
reference The reference number
title The title of the order

Last update: January 21, 2022