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Test Reports

Test Report

InvenTree provides test result tracking functionality which allows the users to keep track of any tests which have been performed on a given stock item.

Custom test reports may be generated against any given stock item. All testing data is made available to the template for custom rendering as required.

For example, an "Acceptance Test" report template may be customized to the particular device, with the results for certain tests rendering in a particular part of the page, with any tests which have not passed highlighted.


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Part Filters

A TestReport template may define a set of filters against which parts are sorted. Any Part objects which match the provided filters can use the given TestReport.

This allows each TestReport to easily be assigned to a particular Part, or even multiple parts.

In the example below, a test report template is uploaded and assigned to the part with the name "My Widget". Any combination of fields relevant to the Part model can be used here.

Upload test report template Upload test report template

Context Variables

In addition to the default report context variables, the following context variables are made available to the TestReport template for rendering:

Variable Description
stock_item The individual StockItem object for which this test report is being generated
part The Part object of which the stock_item is an instance
results A dict of test result objects, where the 'key' for each test result is a shortened version of the test name (see below)
result_list A list of each test result object
installed_items A flattened list representing all StockItem objects which are installed inside the referenced StockItem object


The results context variable provides a very convenient method of callout out a particular test result by name.


Say for example that a Part "Electronic Widget" has a stock item with serial number #123, and has a test result uploaded called "Firmware Checksum". The templated file can reference this data as follows:

<h3>Part: {{ }}</h3>
<b>Serial Number: {{ stock_item.serial }}</b>
Firmware Checksum: {{ results.firmwarechecksum.value }}.
Uploaded by {{ results.firmwarechecksum.user }}

Installed Items

The installed_items context variable is a list of all StockItem instances which are installed inside the StockItem referenced by the report template. Each StockItem can be dereferenced as follows:

    {% for sub_item in installed_items %}
        <td>{{ sub_item.full_name }}</td>
        <td>Serial Number: {{ sub_item.serial }}</td>
        <td>Pass: {{ sub_item.passedAllRequiredTests }}</td>
    {% endfor %}

Last update: May 9, 2022