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Shipments are used to track sales items when they are shipped to customers. Multiple shipments can be created against a Sales Order, allowing line items to be sent to customers in multiple deliveries.

On the main Sales Order detail page, the order shipments are split into two categories, Pending Shipments and Completed Shipments:

Pending Shipments

The Pending Shipments panel displays the shipments which have not yet been sent to the customer.

  • Each shipment displays the items which have been allocated to it
  • Pending sales order items can be allocated to these shipments
  • New shipments can be created if the order is still open
Pending shipments Pending shipments

Creating a new Shipment

To create a new shipment for a sales order, press the New Shipment button above the pending shipments table.

Completing a Shipment

To complete a shipment, press the Complete Shipment button associated with the particular shipment:

Complete shipment Complete shipment

Alternatively, pending shipments can be completed by selecting the Complete Shipments action from the sales order actions menu:

Complete shipment Complete shipment

Completed Shipments

Completed shipments Completed shipments

Shipment Data

Each shipment provides the following data fields:


A unique number for the shipment, used to identify each shipment within a sales order. By default, this value starts at 1 for the first shipment (for each order) and automatically increments for each new shipment.

Tracking Number

An optional field used to store tracking number information for the shipment.

Invoice Number

An optional field used to store an invoice reference for the shipment.

An optional URL field which can be used to provide a link to an external URL.

All these fields can be edited by the user:

Edit shipment Edit shipment

Last update: May 25, 2022