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Stock Status

Stock Status

Stock status serves at categorizing and identifying the state of stock items.

Below is the current list of stock status and their proposed meaning:

Status Description
OK Stock item is healthy, nothing wrong to report
Attention needed Stock item hasn't been checked or tested yet
Damaged Stock item is not functional in its present state
Destroyed Stock item has been destroyed
Lost Stock item has been lost
Rejected Stock item did not pass the quality control standards
Returned Stock item was returned to seller (if bought) or is a customer return (if sold)
Quarantined Stock item has been intentionally isolated and it unavailable

Stock status code will remove the stock from certain operations. For instance, users can't add "destroyed" or "lost" stock to a sales order.

The stock status is displayed as a label in the header of each stock item detail page, for instance here the stock status is "OK":

Stock Status Label Stock Status Label

Update Status

In the "Stock" tab of the part view, select all stock items which stock status needs to be updated:

Stock Status Status Multiple Stock Status Status Multiple

Click on Stock Options > Change stock status, select the new status then submit. All selected stock items status will be automatically updated:

Stock Status Status Multiple Done Stock Status Status Multiple Done

Last update: July 25, 2022