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Build Order

Build Order Report

Custom build order reports may be generated against any given Build Order. For example, build order reports can be used to generate work orders.

Build Filters

A build order report template may define a set of filters against which Build Order items are sorted.

Context Variables

In addition to the default report context variables, the following context variables are made available to the build order report template for rendering:

Variable Description
build The build object the report is being generated against
part The Part object that the build references
line_items A shortcut for build.line_items
bom_items A shortcut for build.bom_items
build_outputs A shortcut for build.build_outputs
reference The build order reference string
quantity Build order quantity (number of assemblies being built)


The following variables are accessed by build.variable

Variable Description
active Boolean that tells if the build is active
batch Batch code transferred to build parts (optional)
line_items A query set with all the build line items associated with the build
bom_items A query set with all BOM items for the part being assembled
build_outputs A queryset containing all build output (Stock Item) objects associated with this build
can_complete Boolean that tells if the build can be completed. Means: All material allocated and all parts have been build.
are_untracked_parts_allocated Boolean that tells if all bom_items have allocated stock_items.
creation_date Date where the build has been created
completion_date Date the build was completed (or, if incomplete, the expected date of completion)
completed_by The User that completed the build
is_overdue Boolean that tells if the build is overdue
is_complete Boolean that tells if the build is complete
issued_by The User who created the build
link External URL for extra information
notes Text notes
parent Reference to a parent build object if this is a sub build
part The Part to be built (from component BOM items)
quantity Build order quantity (total number of assembly outputs)
completed The number out outputs which have been completed
reference Build order reference (required, must be unique)
required_parts A query set with all parts that are required for the build
responsible Owner responsible for completing the build. This can be a user or a group. Depending on that further context variables differ
sales_order References to a Sales Order object for which this build is required (e.g. the output of this build will be used to fulfil a sales order)
status The status of the build. 20 means 'Production'
sub_build_count Number of sub builds
sub_builds Query set with all sub builds
target_date Date the build will be overdue
take_from StockLocation to take stock from to make this build (if blank, can take from anywhere)
title The full name of the build
description The description of the build
allocated_stock.all A query set with all allocated stock items for the build

As usual items in a query sets can be selected by adding a .n to the set e.g. build.required_parts.0 will result in the first part of the list. Each query set has again its own context variables.


The line_items variable is a list of all build line items associated with the selected build. The following attributes are available for each individual line_item instance:

Attribute Description
.build A reference back to the parent build order
.bom_item A reference to the BOMItem which defines this line item
.quantity The required quantity which is to be allocated against this line item
.part A shortcut for .bom_item.sub_part
.allocations A list of BuildItem objects which allocate stock items against this line item
.allocated_quantity The total stock quantity which has been allocated against this line
.unallocated_quantity The remaining quantity to allocate
.is_fully_allocated Boolean value, returns True if the line item has sufficient stock allocated against it
.is_overallocated Boolean value, returns True if the line item has more allocated stock than is required


Attribute Description
.reference The reference designators of the components
.quantity The number of components required to build
.overage The extra amount required to assembly
.consumable Boolean field, True if this is a "consumable" part which is not tracked through builds
.sub_part The part at this position
.substitutes.all A query set with all allowed substitutes for that part
.note Extra text field which can contain additional information


Attribute Description
.bom_item The bom item where this part belongs to
.stock_item The allocated StockItem
.quantity The number of components needed for the build (components in BOM x parts to build)


The following example will create a report with header and BOM. In the BOM table substitutes will be listed.

{% extends "report/inventree_report_base.html" %}

{% load i18n %}
{% load report %}
{% load barcode %}
{% load inventree_extras %}
{% load markdownify %}

{% block page_margin %}
margin: 2cm;
margin-top: 4cm;
{% endblock %}

{% block style %}

.header-right {
    text-align: right;
    float: right;

.logo {
    height: 20mm;
    vertical-align: middle;

.details {
    width: 100%;
    border: 1px solid;
    border-radius: 3px;
    padding: 5px;
    min-height: 42mm;

.details table {
    overflow-wrap: break-word;
    word-wrap: break-word;
    width: 65%;
    table-layout: fixed;
    font-size: 75%;
.changes table {
    overflow-wrap: break-word;
    word-wrap: break-word;
    width: 100%;
    table-layout: fixed;
    font-size: 75%;
    border: 1px solid;

.changes-table th {
    font-size: 100%;
    border: 1px solid;

.changes-table td {
    border: 1px solid;

.details table td:not(:last-child){
    white-space: nowrap;

.details table td:last-child{
    width: 50%;
    padding-left: 1cm;
    padding-right: 1cm;

.details-table td {
    padding-left: 10px;
    padding-top: 5px;
    padding-bottom: 5px;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #555;

{% endblock %}

{% block bottom_left %}
content: "v{{report_revision}} - {% format_date date %}";
{% endblock %}

{% block header_content %}
    <!-- TODO - Make the company logo asset generic -->
    <img class='logo' src="{% asset 'company_logo.png' %}" alt="logo" width="150">

    <div class='header-right'>
            Build Order {{ build }}

{% endblock %}

{% block page_content %}

<div class='details'>

        <table class='details-table'>
                <th>{% trans "Build Order" %}</th>
                <td>{% internal_link build.get_absolute_url build %}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Order" %}</th>
                <td>{{ reference }}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Part" %}</th>
                <td>{% internal_link part.get_absolute_url part.IPN %}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Quantity" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.quantity }}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Description" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.title }}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Issued" %}</th>
                <td>{% format_date build.creation_date %}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Target Date" %}</th>
                    {% if build.target_date %}
                    {% format_date build.target_date %}
                    {% else %}
                    <em>Not specified</em>
                    {% endif %}
            {% if build.parent %}
                <th>{% trans "Required For" %}</th>
                <td>{% internal_link build.parent.get_absolute_url build.parent %}</td>
            {% endif %}
            {% if build.issued_by %}
                <th>{% trans "Issued By" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.issued_by }}</td>
            {% endif %}
            {% if build.responsible %}
                <th>{% trans "Responsible" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.responsible }}</td>
            {% endif %}
                <th>{% trans "Sub builds count" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.sub_build_count }}</td>
        {% if build.sub_build_count > 0 %}
                <th>{% trans "Sub Builds" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.sub_builds }}</td>
            {% endif %}
                <th>{% trans "Overdue" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.is_overdue }}</td>
                <th>{% trans "Can complete" %}</th>
                <td>{{ build.can_complete }}</td>

<h3>{% trans "Notes" %}</h3>
{% if build.notes %}
{{ build.notes|markdownify }}
{% endif %}

<h3>{% trans "Parts" %}</h3>

<div class='changes'>
  <table class='changes-table'>
    <th>Original IPN</th>
    <th>Replace width IPN</th>
  {% for line in build.bom_items %}
    <td> {{ line.sub_part.IPN }} </td>
    <td> {{ line.reference }} </td>
    <td> {{ line.substitutes.all.0.part.IPN }} </td>
  {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

This will result a report page like this:

Report Example Builds Report Example Builds

Default Report Template

A default Build Report template is provided out of the box, which is useful for generating simple test reports. Furthermore, it may be used as a starting point for developing custom BOM reports:

View the source code for the default build report template.