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Part Parameters

A part parameter describes a particular "attribute" or "property" of a specific part.

Part parameters are located in the "Parameters" tab, on each part detail page. There is no limit for the number of part parameters and they are fully customizable through the use of parameters templates.

Here is an example of parameters for a capacitor:

Part Parameters Example List Part Parameters Example List

Parameter Templates

Parameter templates are used to define the different types of parameters which are available for use. The following attributes are defined for a parameter template:

Attribute Description
Name The name of the parameter template (must be unique)
Description Optional description for the template
Units Optional units field (must be a valid physical unit)
Choices A comma-separated list of valid choices for parameter values linked to this template.
Checkbox If set, parameters linked to this template can only be assigned values true or false

Create Template

Parameter templates are created and edited via the settings interface.

To create a template:

  • Navigate to the "Settings" page
  • Click on the "Part Parameters" tab
  • Click on the "New Parameter" button
  • Fill out the Create Part Parameter Template form: Name (required) and Units (optional) fields
  • Click on the "Submit" button.

An existing template can be edited by clicking on the "Edit" button associated with that template:

Edit Parameter Template Edit Parameter Template

Create Parameter

After creating a template or using the existing templates, you can add parameters to any part.

To add a parameter, navigate to a specific part detail page, click on the "Parameters" tab then click on the "New Parameters" button, the Create Part Parameter form will be displayed:

Create Part Parameter Form Create Part Parameter Form

Select the parameter Template you would like to use for this parameter, fill-out the Data field (value of this specific parameter) and click the "Submit" button.

Parametric Tables

Parametric tables gather all parameters from all parts inside a particular part category to be sorted and filtered.

To access a category's parametric table, click on the "Parameters" tab within the category view:

Parametric Table Tab Parametric Table Tab

Sorting by Parameter Value

The parametric parts table allows the returned parts to be sorted by particular parameter values. Click on the header of a particular parameter column to sort results by that parameter:

Sort by Parameter Sort by Parameter

Parameter Units

The units field (which is defined against a parameter template) defines the base unit of that template. Any parameters which are created against that unit must be specified in compatible units.

The in-built conversion functionality means that parameter values can be input in different dimensions - as long as the dimension is compatible with the base template units.

Read Mode

Read more about how InvenTree supports physical units of measure

Incompatible Units

If a part parameter is created with a value which is incompatible with the units specified for the template, it will be rejected:

Invalid Parameter Units Invalid Parameter Units

This behaviour can be disabled if required, so that any parameter value is accepted:

Enforce part parameters Enforce part parameters

Parameter Sorting

Parameter sorting takes unit conversion into account, meaning that values provided in different (but compatible) units are sorted correctly:

Sort by Parameter Units Sort by Parameter Units