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External Barcodes

External Barcodes

In addition to defining an internal barcode format, models which have associated barcode information also allow arbitrary external (third party) barcodes to be assigned or "linked" to items in the database.

For example, you have just purchased a reel of capacitors from a supplier, which comes provided with a sufficiently unique barcode or qr-code. Instead of printing an internal barcode, the existing barcode can be scanned and linked to the specific reel (which is a Stock Item).

Linking to external barcodes allows an alternative barcode workflow, which may be especially useful when dealing with in-feed components which are received from external suppliers.

Dealer's Choice

The use of external barcodes is entirely up to the user, if it is deemed to be convenient.

Linking Barcodes

Via the API

Facility for barcode linking (and un-linking) is provided via the API.

  • The /api/barcode/link/ API endpoint is used to link a barcode with an existing database item
  • The /api/barcode/unlink/ API endpoint is used to unlink a barcode from an existing database item

Via the Web Interface

To link an arbitrary barcode, select the Link Barcode action as shown below:

Link barcode Link barcode
Link barcode Link barcode

If an item already has a linked barcode, it can be un-linked by selecting the Unlink Barcode action:

Unlink barcode Unlink barcode

Via the App

External barcodes can be linked to (or unlinked from) database items via the mobile app