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Stock Expiry

Stock Expiry

InvenTree supports stock expiration dates, which allows individual stock items to be automatically marked as expired past a certain calendar date.

The stock expiry feature is disabled by default, and must be enabled via the settings menu:

Enable stock expiry feature Enable stock expiry feature

Non Expiring Stock

If a Stock Item is not expected to expire, leave the expiry date field blank, or zero

Add Expiry Date

When creating a new stock item, the expiry date can be manually set by the user.

Add expiry date Add expiry date

If an expiry date is defined for a particular stock item, it will be displayed on the detail page. If the expiry date has passed (and the stock item is expired) then this will also be indicated.

Display expiry date Display expiry date

The expiry date can be adjusted in the stock item edit form.

Edit expiry date Edit expiry date

Filter Expired Stock

The various stock display tables can be filtered by expired status, and also display a column for the expiry date for each stock item.

Filter by stock expiry Filter by stock expiry

Index Page

If the stock expiry feature is enabled, expired stock are listed on the InvenTree home page, to provide visibility of expired stock to the users.

Part Expiry Time

In addition to allowing manual configuration of expiry dates on a per-item basis, InvenTree also provides the ability to set a "default expiry time" for a particular Part. This expiry time (specified in days) is then used to automatically calculate the expiry date when creating a new Stock Item as an instance of the given Part.

For example, if a Part has a default expiry time of 30 days, then any Stock Items created for that Part will automatically have their expiry date set to 30 days in the future.

Non Expiring Parts

If a part is not expected to expire, set the default expiry time to 0 (zero) days.

If a Part has a non-zero default expiry time, it will be displayed on the Part details page

Part expiry Part expiry

The Part expiry time can be altered using the Part editing form.

Edit part expiry Edit part expiry

Sales and Build Orders

By default, expired Stock Items cannot be added to neither a Sales Order nor a Build Order. This behavior can be adjusted using the Sell Expired Stock and Build Expired Stock settings:

Sell Build Expired Stock Sell Build Expired Stock