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Test Results

Stock Test Result

Stock items which are associated with a trackable part can have associated test data - this is particularly useful for tracking unit testing / commissioning / acceptance data against a serialized stock item.

The master "Part" record for the stock item can define multiple test templates, against which test data can be uploaded. Additionally, arbitrary test information can be assigned to the stock item.

Stock Item Test Results Stock Item Test Results

Test Result Fields

Test Template

The template field links to a Part Test Template object. Each test result instance must link to a test template.


Boolean pass/fail status of the test.


Optional value uploaded as part of the test data. For example if the test is to record the firmware version of a programmed device, the version number can be added here.


Optional field available for extra notes.


A given test result may require an attached file which contains extra test information.

Multiple Test Results

Multiple results can be uploaded against the same test name. In cases where multiple test results are uploaded, the most recent value is used to determine the pass/fail status of the test. It is useful to keep all test records as a given test might be required to run multiple times, if (for example) it fails the first time and then something must be fixed before running the test again.


For any information regarding the reporting architecture, please refer to the Report Generation page.

Automated Test Integration

The stock item testing framework is especially useful when integrating with an automated acceptance testing framework. Test results can be uploaded using the InvenTree API or the InvenTree Python Interface.


You design and sell a temperature sensor which needs to be calibrated before it can be sold. An automated calibration tool sets the offset in the device, and uploads a test result to the InvenTree database.