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The Settings view provides access to user configurable settings, in addition to information about the app itself.

The main settings view is shown below, and provides the following options:

  • Server - Configure and select server profile
  • App Settings - Configure app settings
  • Home Screen - Configure home screen settings
  • Part - Configure part settings
  • About - Display app version information
Settings view Settings view

App Settings

The App Settings view provides configuration options for the InvenTree app:

App Settings App Settings


Configure options for "parts" display:

  • Include Subcategories - When viewing a list of parts in a category, include parts from subcategories


Configure options for "stock" display:

  • Include Sublocations - When viewing a list of stock items in a location, include items from sublocations
  • Stock History - Display stock item history in the stock detail view


Configure audible app notifications:

  • Server Error - Play an audible tone when a server error occurs
  • Barcode Tones - Play audible tones when scanning barcodes

App Settings

  • Dark Mode - Enable "dark mode" display for the app.
  • Use Strict HTTPS - Enforce strict checking of HTTPs certificates. Enabling this option may prevent you from connecting to the server if there are certificate issues.
  • Language - Select app language. By default, will use the system language of the device the app is installed on.
  • Upload Error Reports - Enable uploading of anonymous error / crash reports. These reports are used to improve the quality of the app.

Home Screen

The Home Screen view allows you to configure display options for the app 'home screen':

Home Screen Settings Home Screen Settings

Last update: May 21, 2023