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Release 0.1.6

Release 0.1.6

Release 0.1.6 (February 2021) provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Report Templates

Support for report templates has been greatly improved, moving towards "out of the box" support for various reports.

#1270 represents a significant refactor of code, and tooling for report functionality.

#1279 adds the following report features:

  • Adjustable page size for generated reports
  • Debug mode (renders reports as simple HTML files)

Refer to the report documentation for further information.

LaTeX Support

LaTeX report templates are no longer supported for a number of technical and ideological reasons

#1292 adds support for build order / work order reports. Refer to the build report documentation for further information.

Inherited BOM Items

#1313 adds support for inherited BOM items, allowing greater flexibility for Bill of Materials management when combined with the Template / Variant part system.

Refer to the BOM documentation for further information.

Stock Item Packaging

#1329 adds a packaging field to the StockItem model, so the particular packaging information (e.g. tape / reel / loose / etc) can be captured per stock item.

Visual Improvements

#1333 provides a significant overhaul of the visual style of the "index" and "search" pages.

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1258 Fixes bug causing part images to sometimes be deleted
#1267 Fixes issue with legacy migration file when upgrading from very old installation
#1288 Fixes bug which caused errors with table search
#1289 Fixes display bug when a part "units" field is empty
#1290 Fixes CSS issues with long error messages in modal forms
#1294 Allows access to static files without being logged in
#1320 Fixes "Used In" display for parts that are referenced in inherited BOMs