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Release 0.1.7

Release 0.1.7

Release 0.1.7 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Label Printing

Label printing functionality has been simplified and brought into line with the PDF reporting functionality.

#1342 represents a significant refactor of the label printing code.

More Information

Refer to the label printing documentation for further details.

Display Sub Builds

#1344 adds display of sub-builds under the build detail

Recently Updated Stock

#1350 adds Recently Updated Stock view to the index page

#1352 provides a significant visual improvement for displaying menubars on various pages. The previous tab style navigation has been removed, and replaced with a vertical menu which can be toggled between icon-and-text or icon-only.

API Permissions

#1363 enforces user role permissions onto the REST API endpoints. Authenticated users can now only perform REST actions which align with their allocated role(s). Refer to the API documentation for further information.

Query Pagination

#1373 finally introduces server-side pagination of large querysets, resulting in a significantly improved user experience. For larger data sets, retrieval time has been reduced from multiple seconds to ~100ms.

Search Results

#1385 adds some additional search results to the Search page. Users can now search:

  • Build Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1341 Fixes display issue with Part variant table
#1351 Fixes bug which prevented filtering of reports and labels to work correctly
#1352 Fixes bug updating part "trackable" status
#1353 Fixes bug which caused error when "special" regex characters were used for part search
#1371 Fixes a very long-running bug whereby API requests for invalid endpoints were redirected to the web-view index page
#1379 Fixes an obtuse bug introduced by the new server-side pagination feature
#1381 Fixes permissions error caused by incorrect table name lookup