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Release 0.1.8

Release 0.1.8

Release 0.1.8 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Order Responsibility

#1395 adds the concept of responsibility for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Orders can be assigned to either an individual user, or an entire group.

Order Reports

#1397 adds the ability to generate PDF Reports against Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. This new feature provides a framework for generating reports such as invoices, sales orders, packing lists, etc. While it provides the framework for such reports, generic templates for these report types have not yet been created.

Global Setting for Part IPN Edit

#1400 adds the ability to disable IPN field when editing part information for all parts and all users. This global setting is located in the "Part" section of the InvenTree settings. Toggling it off means the IPN field cannot be edited manually anymore after a part is created (the field is greyed out). Only admin users retain the ability to edit this field.

Disable Edit of Part IPN Field Disable Edit of Part IPN Field

Image Download

#1410 introduces a new feature which allows thumbnail images (e.g. for Part and Company objects) to be downloaded from a remote URL (by the server). This feature is disabled by default, and must be enabled in the Global Settings menu.

Assign by Serial Number

#1426 introduces a new feature which allows stock items to be allocated to a sales order using serial number references. This provides a much more streamlined user experience. Refer to the sales order documentation for further information.

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1407 Fixes unnecessary column requirement when importing BOM
#1430 Fixes error thrown when migrating from very old data set
#1441 Fixes template rendering error if git not available on system path
#1446 Fixes bug exporting BOM to YAML format
#1449 Fixes bug which prevented transfer of serialized stock items

Last update: November 20, 2023