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Release 0.2.1

Release 0.2.1

Release 0.2.1 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Email Support

#1304 adds support for email support. Initially, this is used for sending users emails to perform a password reset

Configuration Required

Refer to the email configuration options.

Manufacturer Parts

#1417 adds a new model and database table to InvenTree: ManufacturerPart. In older versions, manufacturer data was stored inside a SupplierPart. With this new model, the data is now stored independently. Users can use either manufacturer or supplier parts as sourcing information for a part. Soon, InvenTree will allow the use of manufacturer data directly in purchase orders.

Details on how to create and manage manufacturer parts were added here

URL-style QR Code for StockItem

#1462 adds the ability to create a QR code containing the URL of a StockItem, which can be opened directly on a portable device using the camera or a QR code scanner. More details here.

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1453 Adds detail API endpoint for the PartParameter model, which was previously missing.
#1478 Fixes a bug which exposed database username and password in the log files