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Release 0.2.2

Release 0.2.2

Release 0.2.2 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Custom Site Title

#1481 adds the ability to customize the site title (which was previously hard-coded to "InvenTree")

Django Update

#1490 updates to Django v3.2 which is a LTS release with significant improvements.

Location Display

#1493 greatly improves the display of sublocations within a given location. Additionally, multiple sublocations can be selected (via checkboxes) allowing for printing of multiple StockLocation labels at once.

Category Display

#1493 greatly improves the display of subcategories within a given category.

Build Order Improvements

#1492 drastically improves the build order process, streamlining the stock allocation process and providing a more intuitive user experience. Refer to the build order documentation for further information.

Javascript Translation

#1494 provides significant improvements for delivery of JavaScript files. Previously, JavaScript files which required i18n translation were compiled at run-time by the server. Now, JavaScript files are pre-compiled as part of the static file creation step. This significantly speeds up delivery of JavaScript files to the client.

Serial Number Entry Improvements

#1521 adds some more "shortcuts" for quickly assigning or selecting serial numbers.

Language Selection

#1529 adds the ability for the user to select desired translation language from the InvenTree settings menu

Purchase Order Pricing

#1452 adds purchase price information to stock items received against a purchase order

Stock Item History

#1572 greatly improves the stock item history tracking, allowing translated history strings and tracking more information

Purchase Order Import

#1561 introduces an import wizard for purchase orders

Currency Conversion Support

#1598, #1605, #1608 and #1611 add support for automatically updating currency conversion rates.

#1600 adds a settings page for managing currency conversion, and provides support for manual currency exchange rate input

For more information refer to the pricing documentation.

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1489 Fixes bug which prevented customer assigned stock items from being returned to stock
#1525 Fixes bug which referenced MPN field instead of SKU field
#1523 Fixes bug in part API filtering
#1535 Fixes issues with part price break calculation
#1544 Fix invoke bug in
#1558 Fixes calendar rendering bug
#1567 Fixes logout screen redirect loop