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Release 0.2.3

Release 0.2.3

Release 0.2.3 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Part Tile Display

#1622 introduces a "tile" display for part data.

BOM Line Variants

#1626 adds functionality which allows variants of parts to be optionally substituted in Bills of Material. This option is individually configurable per BOM line item.

Docker Improvements

#1664 provides major improvements to the InvenTree docker images. In particular, running in "production" mode (INVENTREE_DEBUG=false) now correctly handles serving of static and media files using the nginx reverse proxy.

Major Bug Fixes

PR Description
#1632 Fixes navbar icon rendering issues
#1633 Fixes currency rendering issues
#1644 Fixes rendering issue for stock test result table
#1647 Fixes exception when image does not have a rendered thumbnail