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Release 0.2.4

Release 0.2.4

Release 0.2.4 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features


This release of InvenTree introduces a number of key improvements regarding pricing:

Total Price for Purchase Orders

#1666 adds a Total Price column to the Purchase Order display.

Total Price for Sales Orders

#1669 adds a Total Price column to the Sales Order display

Internal Price

#1634 adds the concept of Internal Price for a Part.

Order Price Preview

#1682 adds pricing preview when ordering parts

Purchase Order Destination

#1587 displays the desired destination for items received against a Purchase Order

Part Allocation Display

#1316 improves the display of stock allocations for a given Part

Part Import Wizard

#1588 adds a wizard for importing part data into the database

Major Bug Fixes

Pull Request Description
#1684 Ensure tree structures are rebuilt after data import
#1691 Fixes rendering bug when purchase price is set to zero
#1692 Allows sorting of Part table by Category field
#1700 Fixes a long-running API bug where default field values were not observed
#1705 Fixes unique-constraint validation bug for API
#1706 Fixes table sorting bug in build order allocations table
#1707 Fixes multiple bugs in the order API
#1710 Allows direct upload of Part and Company images via the REST API
#1719 Fixes nesting display for stock item test results
#1722 Fixes some issues with internal pricing calculations