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Release 0.3.0

Release 0.3.0

Release 0.3.0 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

New Features

Version Numbering

Release 0.3.0 introduces a formalized release numbering scheme for the InvenTree project, according to the semantic versioning specification. Each release will be numbered MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:


Major release number will be incremented for large, incompatible changes to the API or other features.


Minor release number will be incremented when new features are added in a backwards compatible manner


Patch release number will be incremented when making bug fixes or small changes to existing features.

API Forms

Many (not all) modal forms have been completely refactored to use the API. To support this, #1716 provides extensive metadata for each API endpoint via the OPTIONS request. The new API-based forms are much faster, and provide greater front end flexibility.

UX Improvements

Many UX improvements have been made, including #1811 which allows dynamic switching between navbar items on a single page, without requiring a full page refresh.


Multiple new pricing features have been added:

Pricing View Consolidation

#1712 combines all Part pricing views into a single consolidated display.

Purchase Price in BOM Table

#1726 re-introduces display of purchase price information into the BOM table

UI Improvements

Multiple user interface improvements have been implemented, as described below:

Depleted Stock View

#1747 adds a "Depleted Stock" table to the index page.

Supplier Part Column

#1750 introduces a "Supplier Part" column to the Stock Item table.

Purchase Price Filter

#1744 adds a "Has Purchase Price" filter to the Stock Item table.

#1734 adds an option to hide "Related Parts" feature.

Sortable Allocations

#1731 allows sorting by "allocated" quantity in Build Order display

Admin Interface

#1812 represents the first step towards a general speed overhaul for the admin interface.

Major Bug Fixes

Pull Request Description
#1729 Fixes a bug in the HTML browsable API
#1736 Fixes an ongoing issue with currency support
#1759 Fixes a filtering issue for the ManufacturerPart and SupplierPart tables
#1761 Fixes a bug in stock adjustment form
#1768 Fixes multiple issues displaying file attachment tables
#1771 Adds ability to search ManufacturerPart and SupplierPart objects by IPN field
#1799 Fixes bug exporting BOM to .xls