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Release 0.4.0

Release 0.4.0

Release 0.4.0 provides a number of major new features and improvements, as well as some crucial bug fixes:

Dynamic Reloading

#1811 provides dynamic loading of detail views via the left-hand navigation menu. This significantly improves perceived speed by the user, as the entire page does not have to be reloaded.

Test Report

#1842 adds "installed items" to the available context data for a StockItem TestReport template.

#1838 adds a "live autocomplete" feature to the search bar. Typing a search query into the search bar will now reveal a drop-down menu showing the matching parts. The default search results page can still be accessed by pressing "Enter" to complete the query.


#1859 introduces the concept of "per-user settings". These settings do not apply globally, only to the current user.

#1863 refactors the existing settings display with a more moden feel.

Major Bug Fixes

Pull Request Description
#1823 Fixes link formatting issues for ManufacturerParts
#1824 Selects correct curreny code when creating a new PurchaseOrderLineItem
#1867 Fixes long-running bug when deleting sequential items via the API