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Release 0.5.0

Release 0.5.0

BOM Purchase Price

#1957 adds integration of stock purchase price history into BOM pricing for assemblies.

Disable Navbar Items

#1999 adds the ability to optionally hide main InvenTree features

Edit Purchase Price via API

#2003 allows the purchase_price and purchase_price_currency fields (on the StockItem model) to be edited via the API

Receive Purchase Order Items via API

#2013 adds an API endpoint for receiving purchase order line items.

Build Completion Scheduling

#2034 moves some of the build completion logic to the background worker thread. This allows UI interactions to run smoothly, and long-running database actions (build order cleanup) to be performed offline.

Bug Fixes

Pull Request Description
#1997 Fixes multiple bugs in "order parts" wizard
#2011 Fixes issue with "edit part" form
#2018 Fixes bug which caused server exception when a large image was uploaded
#2020 Fixes table ordering bug for purchase order line item table
#2021 Fixes naming collision between two tables
#2043 Fixes bug which caused extremely long delays when creating a new BOM item
#2082 Significantly reduces time taken to delete a single StockItem object