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Release 0.6.0

Release 0.6.0

0.6.0 is a major feature release of the InvenTree software project. For a comprehensive list of changes associated with this release, refer to the InvenTree GitHub page.


A few highlights for this release: - New and improved workflows for orders - SSO, MFA and session management support - Substitution for BOMs - A major UI overhaul - A new / improved plugin ecosystem

If you are as excited as we are set up your own instance, check out the demo or browse the documentation!

Release Survey

With this release we are also issuing the first InvenTree community survey. We do not have any tracking or mandatory signup in InvenTree, so we depend on you filling this out to gather insights into the user base. Please take 3-5 minutes to tell us a bit more about your deployment here.

The results will be released in a few weeks in GitHub Discussions.

New Features

Build Order Allocation

PR #2094 represents a significant improvement to the workflow for allocating stock items against a build order. A new API endpoint has been created allowing stock items to be allocated against builds, with dynamic validation and feedback of error messages.

Additionally the workflow and UX has been simplified, allowing greater efficiency of stock allocation against a build order.

Receiving Purchase Orders

PR #2102 provides a major refactor of the process by which stock items are received against a purchase order. The receiving process now makes use of the REST API for a more responsive and intuitive user experience.

Stock Adjustments

PR #2103 provides a major improvement to the stock adjustment API. While remaining backwards compatible, the API endpoints for stock adjustments (stocktake, quantity adjustment, stock transfer) have been updated to use the DRF serializer framework. This provides a more streamlined user experience with improved error checking and handling.

Sales Order Allocations

PR #2110 provides a major refactor of the process by which stock items are allocated against a sales order. The process now makes use of the REST API for a more responsive and intuitive user experience.

Delete Old Error Messages

PR #2113 adds a background task to periodically remove old error messages from the database. Error messages are retained in the database for 30 days, after which point they are removed.

Sales Order Export

PR #2119 adds the ability to export sales order information in a variety of supported file formats.

SSO Support

PR #2017 adds support for SSO (single sign on) authentication. SSO integration requires configuration by the system administrator. Refer to the SSO documentation for further information.

BOM Substitution

PR #2150 adds support for Bill of Materials Substitution. This allows substitute parts to be individually specified against BOM line items, allowing for stock of the substituted parts to be used for build order allocation if the original part is not available.

Build Completion

PR #2159 provides a major improvement to the process by which build outputs are completed. The build output completion process now uses the API and provides a much more intuitive and efficient user interface.

Bootstrap Yourselves In

PR #2205 represents a major visual overhaul of the user interface, updating to bootstrap 5.

Low Stock Notifications

PR #2208 provides notification emails when the stock level for a particular part falls below the configured "minimum stock" threshold for that part. An email is automatically sent to any users who are subscribed to notifications for that part.

MFA Support

PR #2221 adds support for MFA (multi factor authentication). This enables admins to require all users to enable MFA as a second auth step. Refer to the documentation for further information.

Stock Item Forms

PR #2198 provides a major refactor of stock item forms, for creating and editing stock items. These forms have been migrated to the REST API, providing a much more responsive user experience.

Session Management

PR #2371 adds management of user settings via the settings page

Sales Order Shipments

PR #2199 adds the ability to perform multiple shipments against a given Sales Order. This allows split-shipments and partial fulfillment of Sales Orders

Plugin Ecosystem

PR #2074 adds a plugin ecosystem, allowing future development of first-party and third-party plugins to extend upon core InvenTree functionality. Watch this space!

Assign Stock Items to Customer

PR #2436 refactors the process by which stock items can be manually assigned to a customer, separate to the Sales Order process.

Merging Stock Items

PR #2468 adds the ability to merge multiple stock items together.

Scheduled Tasks for Plugins

PR #2512 adds a "scheduled task" mixin for plugins, allowing custom plugins to run periodically scheduled tasks.

Triggered Events for Plugins

PR #2515 adds a "triggered events" mixin for plugins, allowing custom plugins to run code when a particular event occurs.


We would like to thank all members of our translation team. For this release the most active contributors were: - carlos-r @carlos-riquelme - davisteph45 - fto @fichterto - RebeccaW