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Model Metadata

Model Metadata

The API is self describing in that it provides metadata about the various fields available at any given endpoint. External applications (such as the python interface) can introspect the API to determine information about the model fields.

API Forms

The various forms implemented in the InvenTree web interface make heavy use of this metadata feature

Requesting Metadata

To request metadata about a particular API endpoint, simply perform an OPTIONS method request against the API URL.

For example, to view the metadata available for creating a new Part Category, an OPTIONS request to /api/part/category/ yields:

Part category options Part category options

You can see here a detailed list of the various fields which are available for this API endpoint.

Metadata Information

The OPTIONS endpoint provides the following information:

Entry Description
name The human-readable name of the API endpoint
description Descriptive detail for the endpoint, extracted from the python docstring
actions Contains the available HTTP actions and field information (see below)

Specific details are provided on the available attributes of each field:

Metadata fields Metadata fields

Field Types

Supported field types are:

Field Type Description
string Text data
boolean true / false value
integer Integer numbers
float Floating point numbers
related field Primary key value for a foreign-key relationship in the database

Field Attributes

Each named field provides information on available attributes:

Attribute Description
type Defines the field type
default The default value for this field. Will be assumed if no value is supplied
required Boolean value, whether this field must be supplied
read_only Boolean value, whether this field is writeable
label Human readable descriptive label for this field.
help_text Long form descriptor for this field.
min_value Minimum allowed value (for numeric fields)
max_value Maximum allowed value (for numeric fields)
max_length Maximum allowed length (for text fields)
model Name of the database model, if this field represents a foreign-key relationship
api_url API url for the related model, if this field represents a foreign-key relationship
filters API filters for the field, if this field represents a foreign-key relationship

Field Name

The field name is the key used to define the field itself

Available Attributes

Some attributes may not be made available for a particular field


Field label and help text values are localized using the community contributed translations. The required locale information is determined from the API request itself, meaning that the translated values are provided automatically.

For example, the same forms (in the web interface) are served via identical API requests, with the locale information determined "on the fly":

API forms (english) API forms (english)
API forms (german) API forms (german)