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Build Labels

Build Line Labels

Build label templates are used to generate labels for individual build order line items.

Creating Build Line Label Templates

Build label templates are added (and edited) via the admin interface.

Printing Build Line Labels

Build line labels are printed from the Build Order page, under the Allocate Stock tab. Multiple line items can be selected for printing:

Print build line labels Print build line labels

Context Data

The following context variables are made available to the Build Line label template:

Variable Description
build_line The build_line instance
build The build order to which the build_line is linked
bom_item The bom_item to which the build_line is linked
part The required part for this build_line instance. References bom_item.sub_part
quantity The total quantity required for the build line
allocated_quantity The total quantity which has been allocated against the build line
allocations A queryset containing the allocations made against the build_line


A simple example template is shown below:

{% extends "label/label_base.html" %}
{% load barcode report %}
{% load inventree_extras %}

{% block style %}

{{ block.super }}

.label {
  margin: 1mm;

.qr {
  height: 28mm;
  width: 28mm;
  position: relative;
  top: 0mm;
  right: 0mm;
  float: right;

.label-table {
  width: 100%;
  border-collapse: collapse;
  border: 1pt solid black;

.label-table tr {
  width: 100%;
  border-bottom: 1pt solid black;
  padding: 2.5mm;

.label-table td {
  padding: 3mm;

{% endblock style %}

{% block content %}

<div class='label'>
<table class='label-table'>
      <b>Build Order:</b> {{ build.reference }}<br>
      <b>Build Qty:</b> {% decimal build.quantity %}<br>
      <img class='qr' alt='build qr' src='{% qrcode build.barcode %}'>
      <b>Part:</b> {{ }}<br>
      {% if part.IPN %}
      <b>IPN:</b> {{ part.IPN }}<br>
      {% endif %}
      <b>Qty / Unit:</b> {% decimal bom_item.quantity %} {% if part.units %}[{{ part.units }}]{% endif %}<br>
      <b>Qty Total:</b> {% decimal quantity %} {% if part.units %}[{{ part.units }}]{% endif %}
      <img class='qr' alt='part qr' src='{% qrcode part.barcode %}'>

{% endblock content %}

Which results in a label like:

Example build line labels Example build line labels