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User Settings

User Settings

The various user settings described below can be configured for an individual user, to provide an InvenTree user experienced customized to their preferences. Your user settings can be accessed by selecting Settings from the menu in the top right order of the screen.

Account Settings

The Account Settings screen shows configuration options for your user account, including linking third party logins and multi factor authentication:

User Account Settings User Account Settings

Display Settings

The Display Settings screen shows general display configuration options. Additionally, this screen allows the user to select the primary language in which InvenTree is displayed.

User Display Settings User Display Settings

Home Page

This screen allows the user to customize display of items on the InvenTree home page.

Home Page Settings Home Page Settings

Search Settings

Customize settings for search results

User Search Settings User Search Settings


Settings related to notification messages

User Notification Settings User Notification Settings


Settings for label printing and report generation

User Reporting Settings User Reporting Settings