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API Schema

The InvenTree API is implemented using the Django REST framework. The API schema as documented below is generated using the drf-spectactular extension.

API Version

This documentation is for API version: 196

API Schema History

We track API schema changes, and provide a snapshot of each API schema version in the API schema repository.

API Schema File

The API schema file is available for download, and can be used for generating client libraries, or for testing API endpoints.

API Schema Documentation

API schema documentation is split into the following categories:

Category Description
Authorization and Authentication Authorization and Authentication
Background Task Management Background Task Management
Barcode Scanning Barcode Scanning
Bill of Materials Bill of Materials
Build Order Management Build Order Management
Company Management Company Management
Label Printing Label Printing
External Machine Management External Machine Management
External Order Management External Order Management
Parts and Part Categories Parts and Part Categories
Plugin Functionality Plugin Functionality
Report Generation Report Generation
Settings Management Settings Management
Stock and Stock Locations Stock and Stock Locations
User Management User Management
General General API endpoints