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Barcode Support

InvenTree has native support for barcodes, which provides powerful functionality "out of the box", and can be easily extended:

Barcode Data Types

Barcodes can be linked with the following data model types:

Web Integration

Barcode scanning can be enabled within the web interface. Barcode scanning in the web interface supports scanning via:

  • Keyboard style scanners (e.g. USB connected)
  • Webcam (image processing)


Barcode scanning may need to be enabled for the web interface:

Barcode settings Barcode settings


When enabled, select the barcode icon in the top-right of the menu bar to scan a barcode. If the barcode is recognized by the system, the web browser will automatically navigate to the correct item:

Barcode scan Barcode scan

No Match Found

If no match is found for the scanned barcode, the following error message is displayed:

No match for barcode No match for barcode

App Integration

Barcode scanning is a key feature of the companion mobile app.