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Schedule Mixin


The ScheduleMixin class provides a plugin with the ability to call functions at regular intervals.

  • Functions are registered with the InvenTree worker which runs as a background process.
  • Scheduled functions do not accept any arguments
  • Plugin member functions can be called
  • Global functions can be specified using dotted notation

Enable Schedule Integration

The Enable Schedule Integration option but be enabled, for scheduled plugin events to be activated.

Enable schedule integration Enable schedule integration


An example of a plugin which supports scheduled tasks:

class ScheduledTaskPlugin(ScheduleMixin, SettingsMixin, InvenTreePlugin):
    Sample plugin which runs a scheduled task, and provides user configuration.

    NAME = "Scheduled Tasks"
    SLUG = 'schedule'

        'global': {
            'func': 'some_module.function',
            'schedule': 'H',  # Run every hour
        'member': {
            'func': 'foo',
            'schedule': 'I',  # Minutes
            'minutes': 15,

    SETTINGS = {
        'SECRET': {
            'name': 'A secret',
            'description': 'User configurable value',

    def foo(self):
        This function runs every 15 minutes
        secret_value = self.get_setting('SECRET')
        print(f"foo - SECRET = {secret_value})

More Info

For more information on any of the methods described below, refer to the InvenTree source code. A working example is available as a starting point.