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Barcode Mixin

Barcode Plugins

InvenTree supports decoding of arbitrary barcode data via a Barcode Plugin interface. Barcode data POSTed to the /api/barcode/ endpoint will be supplied to all loaded barcode plugins, and the first plugin to successfully interpret the barcode data will return a response to the client.

InvenTree can generate native QR codes to represent database objects (e.g. a single StockItem). This barcode can then be used to perform quick lookup of a stock item or location in the database. A client application (for example the InvenTree mobile app) scans a barcode, and sends the barcode data to the InvenTree server. The server then uses the InvenTreeBarcodePlugin (found at /InvenTree/plugins/barcode/ to decode the supplied barcode data.

Any third-party barcodes can be decoded by writing a matching plugin to decode the barcode data. These plugins could then perform a server-side action or render a JSON response back to the client for further action.

Some examples of possible uses for barcode integration:

  • Stock lookup by scanning a barcode on a box of items
  • Receiving goods against a PurchaseOrder by scanning a supplier barcode
  • Perform a stock adjustment action (e.g. take 10 parts from stock whenever a barcode is scanned)

Barcode data are POSTed to the server as follows:

    barcode_data: "[(>someBarcodeDataWhichThePluginKnowsHowToDealWith"

Last update: July 4, 2023