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Color Themes

You can customize the look of InvenTree via the color themes feature.

Select Color Theme

Navigate to the "Settings" page and click on the "Display" tab, you should see the following:

Default InvenTree color theme Default InvenTree color theme

The drop-down list let's you select any other color theme found in your static folder (see next section to find out how to add color themes). Once selected, click on the "Apply Theme" button for the new color theme to be activated.

Per-user Setting

Color themes are "user specific" which means that changing the color theme in your own settings won't affect other users.

Here is an example what the "Dark Reader" theme looks like:

Dark Reader InvenTree color theme Dark Reader InvenTree color theme

Add Color Theme

Local Installation

To add a color theme, you'll need to add a new CSS sheet in your static folder (the default folder is located at ./inventree_static/css/color-themes/).

InvenTree automatically lists all CSS sheets found in the ./inventree_static/css/color-themes/ folder and present them inside the dropdown list on the "Settings > Theme" page.

InvenTree Source Code

If you would like a CSS sheet to be permanently added to InvenTree's source code so that other users can benefit too, add it to the ./src/backend/InvenTree/InvenTree/static/css/color-themes/ folder then submit a pull request.