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Bare Metal Development Server


Before continuing, ensure that the installation steps have been completed.

InvenTree includes a simple server application, suitable for use in a development environment.


Refer to the production server instructions to implement a much more robust server setup.

Running on a Local Machine

To run the development server on a local machine, run the command:

(env) invoke server

This will launch the InvenTree web interface at

A different port can be specified using the -a flag:

(env) invoke server -a

Serving on the address means that InvenTree will only be available on that computer. The server will be accessible from a web browser on the same computer, but not from any other computers on the local network.

Running on a Local Network

To enable access to the InvenTree server from other computers on a local network, you need to know the IP of the computer running the server. For example, if the server IP address is

(env) invoke server -a

Background Worker

The background task manager must also be started. The InvenTree server is already running in the foreground, so open a new shell window to start the server.

Activate Virtual Environment

cd /home/inventree
source ./env/bin/activate

Start Background Worker

(env) invoke worker

This will start the background process manager in the current shell.